Friday, February 27, 2015

friday Friday FRIDAY!!

Happy Weekend friends!

Let's just say this week has been exhausting! 
I worked on and off all week.  Let's just say... I'm ready for SPRING!!
My week/last weekend was quite fabulous!

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Here are my Friday Favorites!!

So for those of you who do not know me very well, don't know how much I love a nap.
I have always been a sleeper/napper.  I love me a nap.  Give me somewhere to lie down and I'll be out.  It doesn't have to be dark or extremely quite.  I just love napping.... and for like 2 to 3 hours.  
No power napper here.  I take naps seriously!

I don't nap during the work week... because I get go to the gym or come straight home and I don't have time to take one... so on my days off I love a nap.
To Tell you how serious I am about naps, once I visited Josh on the weekend, I slept through a tornado warning.  I woke up to wind blowing trees and rain hitting the window VERY hard!  Josh said he was about to wake me up and we were going to go hide in the bathtub.  I mean really, I sleep through everything.  The bad thing is I still go to sleep at my normal bedtime... around 9:30 or 10.  

Do you love a nap?  Or are you a night owl?

I love this cyclist.... even more than I love a NAP!
Sooo I tried to talk Josh out of racing last weekend when it was 20 degrees... but he didn't buy into it.  Then he tried to convince me not to go because it was too cold, but to the girl who went to college in the arctic, I've got cold weather handled.  I usually take a nap in the car (go figure), bundle up and then watch him on every lap.  It was a 60 mile race with four laps, so I had plenty of time to browse Pinterest and people watch!

He ended up placing 7th!  We'll take a top ten any day! :)))

Don't you just love his gloves?  I blogged about mine last week.  
-----> HERE <-----
He got the neon green ones and they are my favorite.  I saw him coming 100 yards away because they were so bright!

I love a monogram... or an initial.  Anything personalized is my favorite!!

I got a embroidery machine last summer and I am in LOVE!  Here are a few things I did with a friend's machine last week.  Mine cannot do monograms, so we both learn how to do things together.
This little dress is from WALMART.  Isn't is so cute!  I would totally wear it if it came in my size!
HERE are some other colors at Walmart.  They are mostly out of stock online, but I have been to two different Walmart and they had them at both.  They have 12mo-5T.  This is a 18 months and I felt like it was kind of small, so your itty bitty girl might be able to fit into a 12 month.

Here is a dress and monogrammed bib I did for a sweet friend of mine!  
She absolutely LOVED them!

This is a bib for a friend who is having a boy in April!  I love a boy monogram!  It is sooo sweet :)

Snow... again.  Last week we were hit with ice.  This week snow.  Enough to cancel work!  It was really pretty, but this flip flop girl wants warm weather!

We first were slammed with about two inches, it melted, and then two days later we were hit with 4-5 inches.  It cancelled school for two days, but it's suppose to warm up!  So that is super exciting :)

This is my niece and nephew in the snow!

Did you get any snow this week?!

Happy weekend :)



  1. I love a good monogram too! And I see so many little girls' dresses that I would wear if they came in my size. Maybe there's something wrong with me but a lot of them are super cute and modern now!

  2. I embroider and have a shop~ it's so much fun; so addicting!!! If you have the software, you can do a monogram! Check out my page on Facebook: Honey Pie Accessories! XO