Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites... Shoe LOVER Edition

Hi sweet friends!  

This week I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci, and Heather
to share my Friday Favorites are ALL about shoes.

I mean really, what women doesn't love a new pair of shoes?!  
Three of my favorite things are: shoes, jackets and dresses!
I will buy those three things over anything else.  I just love them :)

Josh commented on my shoe collected the other day.  I really do love shoes, but they are good quality shoes that have lasted me a long time.  I don't buy shoes that are not well made because in 15 minutes my feet will want out of them and it's not worth suffering for a cheap pair of shoes.

So today since it is March, I am sharing my favorite Spring/Comfortable Shoes!  
These are my ALL time favorites and new finds!

To preface this Friday Favorite, these shoes are very comfortable.  I am on my feet all day long. 
I have high arches and bunion problems, so there will be no stilettos here!
I suffered from bad bunion pain this past spring and could only wear flip flops and Danskos.
I used to only wear tennis shoes when I was little and still love a tennis shoe, but when I couldn't put my food into a tennis shoe without it screaming get me out of here there was something wrong.

I am sharing these for people looking for relief and a cute, comfortable shoe!

My absolute favorite summer shoe is RAINBOW FLIP FLOPS
In high school and college people LOVED these.  It took me after college to impulse buy these!
First I bought:
To be honest they first KILLED my feet.  It took several months to mold to your feet, but after that they are fabulous.  I have extremely high arches and when I told my podiatrist this was the only flip flop he thought they were a good choice :)

You can find the single strap double layer on sale HERE 
I bought these after my grey ones and love these too.  They didn't hurt my feet as bad at the single straps, but I would take an extra pair of flop with me to work to help break them in.  
 I encourage you to try them!  They are fabulous!

You can find the double strap and double layer on sale HERE

I have been a Dansko girl since college.  Since then I have been collecting them online when they go on sale.  It is usually in the off season, but when I can get a pair of sandals in January for half price, I don't mind waiting for warmer weather to wear them.

Here are my all time favorite:
These are from four years ago and are still my ALL time favorite sandal!
I love that they are firetruck red!  I wore these shoe shopping one time and didn't buy anything because I couldn't find anything that was more comfortable! You can find a similar HERE!

Here is my all time favorite CLOG!
Dansko Maryjane Clog
I have these in brown and red patent.  I LOVE this shoe!  It is sooo comfortable!  You can find them 28% off on amazon.

I love TOMS.  I think they are just so trendy and they have sooo many different styles!
These are my first TOMS booties!  I bought them for under $50 at shii a few years ago and have been loving them every since!  Zulily will run specials on TOMS every once and a while and they have GREAT deals!

I bought these beauties a few years ago at Journey's.  I went in wanting a Colbolt blue pair and came back with these because they were half price!  They are very comfortable, I can wear them most of the day before my feet get exhausted from being in a wedge.  You can find these HERE.

These are on my iWANT list
TOMS Leopard Platform Wedge
They would look GREAT with black shorts in the summer time!  Right now they are on sale on amazon!  I can't wait to make a splurge and buy these beauties! You can find theme HERE!

These are my all time favorite wedge sandal!
Indigo by Clarks Sky Pocomo Wedge Sandal
This is by far the most comfortable wedge I own.  They are so stunning!  I love that you can wear them with a dress or shorts!  They are very versatile!  
You can find them in mushroom and chestnut brown HERE

Merrell Lotta!!
These are my all time favorite gladiator.  Not your typical gladiator, but sooo wonderful!  These are hard to find because they are several years old, but worth searching for!

These are on my iwant list!  These would make the perfect sandal to take to the beach :)
Merrell Whisper Bandeau 
You can find them HERE.  I like them because you could dress them up or down, and they are super comfortable.  What I love about merrells in they are made very well and rarely do they wear out without lots and lots of use!

I hoped you enjoyed this weeks FRIDAY FAVORITES!

What is your go to spring/summer sandal?  Are you craving warmer weather?! I know I am :)

Happy Friday ya'll!!


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  1. Hahaha love this! Can't wait to be wearing some flip flops in these parts!
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