Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites! 2/20/15

Yay!  Friday! I am so excited for you!  
I've had a great week!!!
Most of the week was snow/ice days, so it was nice 

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Here are a few of my FRIDAY favorites!

For Valentine's Day, Josh and I were pretty low key.  
It was our 10th Valentine's together.
We didn't go out to eat on Valentine's Day, but we ordered carry-out pizza on my snow day :)
We did not go out on Valentine's because it was SATURDAY and...

This girl doesn't have patience for crowds, especially when I'm hungry.

One of my gifts:
I am not a big fan of chocolate but...
I always LOVE a well thought out gift.
I love anything in Royal blue or Turquoise.
Josh is the BEST gift giver ever.
These DeFeet Gloves  fit the bill!  They are sooooo warm, without the bulky feeling.
Check these out on amazon!  They come in all kinds of colors!  My favorite were the NEON yellow, but royal match my jacket. :)

My nephew had a birthday last week.
We celebrated on Saturday (Valentine's Day)!  Ever since my parents became grandparents, birthdays have always been so special in our family!  
It's amazing how fast kiddos grow, so every birthday is so special in our family!
He was sooo cute!  
You can read about how I made his cake HERE!
He loved his presents!  
Baseball tee was by far his favorite!
I love that he had knee pads on his knees.  He kept them on all day!

This week we had several snow/ice days.
We got very little snow where we live, but it was still pretty nice to have a few days off :)

Emma sledding!  We bought her some snow boots and heavy jacket
 this year and she was finally able to use them!

Josh driving me to work :)  We were so excited to take the old little 4runner for a SPIN!

Here is a picture of the mountains in the background :)  This was before the snow hit us and they had snow on the tip top of them!  (I know you can't see it in the picture, but I love the view of the mountains :))

How was your week?  Were you affected by the arctic blast?

Happy Friday!


  1. I may have killed a small bag of mini reeses cups....may have shhhhh. Hahaha Which Carolina do you call home? I'm an NC girl. Your pic reminds me of 321. Have a great weekend!

  2. I only eat 2-3 little reeces after dinner everyday! I feel like it's better than eating whole one or two! This isn't 321, but I definitely know where 321 is! I drove it four years going to college!

  3. My husband got me a small bag of mint chocolate M&Ms which Ive been obsessed with lately, and a mani pedi gift certificate. The thoughtful gifts are definitely the best!
    Glad you guys got to enjoy the snow! Hopefully it warms up soon tho--I'm ready for Spring!!

    1. I love anything mint too! I like trying different kind of M&M's. Mani pedi gift certificates are the best! I hope it warms up too! This teacher doesn't want to go to school in July :). Happy Weekend!

  4. Oh I have been looking every where here in Australia for those Reeses mini cups and I just cannot find them (insert sad face). Enjoy your chocolate and your weekend! :)

    1. Aww, maybe they will have them soon!! Happy weekend!

  5. Love the gloves.. I hope it starts to warm up for you guys :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

    1. They are my second pair!! My be has several pairs! They are super sporty and warm! I say bring in Spring! I've had my share of cold weather this week! Happy Weekend!

  6. I used to almost always have a bag of reeses minis in my freezer. I'm trying to slow my roll on the junk lately though. And by slow my roll I mean I already have fudge so I don't need 2 sweets in the house at once lol.

    1. Oh my goodness. I never thought about keeping those in the freezer!! We do Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer, but Reece's:):):)! I hear you about getting rid of the junk! Winter is horrible for me! Way too many opportunities to eat unhealthy! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We hate crowds too so weren't interesting in a Valentine's Day dinner on Saturday. Love those gloves! The mountains in the background of that photo are so pretty. :)

  8. We've been delayed all week for the extreme cold but we were off today because of the ice and snow coming in! I teach in Alabama :)

  9. Hi Christin! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you had such a fun week despite the yucky weather! Hope you have a great weekend! :) Justine