Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites 2/13/15

Monday I came home from work, not sure if I would make it to Friday.
This week has been so exhausting!  
I fought sinus headaches and congestion ALL WEEK LONG.
I thought I kicked it, but it came back!  In a headache/nasal/losingmyvoice form!
No fun!  BUT today is Friday and I am sooooo excited for the WEEKEND!  

This week I am linking up with ErikaAndrea and Narci again for my FRIDAY FAVS!

Here we go...

The Meal planning continues!!

We made LOTS of tasty dinners this week!  I wrote about my fabulous ravioli bake HERE!  It takes less than 30 minutes and it is FABULOUS!
This is the finished product!  So easy and great tasting!

Here is a picture of my leftovers from our roast night.  Carrots, green bean casserole, potatoes, and the best roast every.  You can find the roast recipe HERE.  It was another great crock pot recipe.

Here is a picture of chicken fajitas before I stirred it.  This was fabulous served on a whole wheat tortilla. 

On Saturday I went to a bike race with Josh and his dad about an hour away.  
This is the first race Josh finished in the top three when I was there.
He has before, but when I wasn't at the race.  I always tease him and tell him I am bad luck because he never wins when I am there! 
The funny thing is I BARELY saw him start the race because I was asleep in the truck.  I heard the take off sound and sat up and saw him speed by!  The laps were about 20 minutes apart so I would "power nap" in-between the laps.  Everyone knows how much I love a nap.  
I can nap almost anywhere :)
 He was so fast I had a hard time taking a picture of him!  He is either cut out of the picture or way far away!
 2nd place!  The first place guy was sooo nice and helped Josh finish.  I am pretty competitive, and really wanted Josh to win, but the guy who won deserved it!  He was very strong and could have left Josh, but he stayed with him.  What a guy and team player :)

 On Sunday Josh and I ran stairs and laps at our middle school football field.  I forgot how out of shape I am.  I mean I almost passed out.  I ran up and down the stairs five times.  That is one of the hardest things to do!  Then we ran a 800m, 400m, 100m and stretched.  Definitely not as far as I wanted to go, but it is a great start and my body would not go on!  My legs were sooo sore!  I was so proud of myself because this months bucket list was to run more.  You can read about that HERE.

One of my favorite things to do is embroider!  This week I started embroidering items for a friend's baby girl!  I love an initial and monogram!  

This is for baby Madi and she is going to LOOOVEEE it!  It is the progress of a "M".  

Here are two of my FAVORITE pictures from the week!  Josh is working (sorry a little blurry) while watching the bachelor.  I love spending time with him, even if it means him doing work.  So happy to have him in the same city as I am :)
 I love a hard working man!  Especially this one!

I did a few errands after work this week and saw this BEAUTIFUL mountain with snow on it!  I was so taken back because we didn't have snow this week in the lower elevations and it was such a beautiful sight!

Finally, I posted Last Week about the neti pot and how much it helped my sinuses.  It definitely helped, but my cold turned into a very painful sinus and ear infection.  I felt like my teeth were going to fall out of my mouth from all the pressure.  It is amazing how quickly an infection can come on.  I was fine all weekend, thinking I was on the mend, but Monday night and Tuesday I began to feel pressure like no other in my sinuses/nose/mouth/ears and started to lose my voice. 
I headed to the doctor and tried not to breathe while I was in the waiting room.  There was a LONNNGG wait and I almost passed out several times, but they finally called my name!

 Luckily I was given medicine and rested a few days! 

I learned something new while waiting in the doctor's office.  So when I take my temperature at home it is usually 96 or 97 degrees.  I thought the thermometer was always wrong.  BUT come to find out some people's temperature average can be lower than 98.  So if my average is around 96 or 97, then my elevated would be 99 to 100.  I asked the nurse what my temp was and she said 99.3, which is elevated for someone with my frame.   I had a small fever because I was fighting an infection.  That was very interesting to me because I thought that average for everyone was 98!  I learned something new about myself.  :)
This was in the doctor's office.  I almost fell asleep/passed out in the waiting room, so I was happy to prop my feet up while I was waiting for the doctor in my own little room.  I am so thankful for good, patient doctors who take the time to hear out your symptoms and then send you on your way to the pharmacy!

Well friends, I hope you had a WONFERFUL week!!  Can you believe it's almost the middle of February?!  
I love sharing my favorites!

What are your favorites from this week?  Happy February!


  1. Hi Christin! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Sinus infections are the worse!! I haven't had one in ages and I sure don't miss it!

  2. My average temp is low too. #lowtempproblems Hope you're feeling much better and had a restful weekend!! Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. What a week! Hope you are feeling better... Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - We hope to see you again next week.
    Life With Lorelai

  4. Congrats to him on coming in 2nd! That's awesome! I have a low average temp as well. I always thought I was CRAZY until figuring out that it was actually a thing. I hope that you're well on the way to recovery now:)

    Thanks for joining us for H54F!