Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites 2/6/15

Hey ya'll it's Friday!  I have loved sharing my favorites with you! 
I am linking up with Erika,  Andrea and Narci again!
Here are my favorites from this week!

1.)  Since switching to Kindergarten I maybe have wore a dress TWICE this year and I am pretty sure that was in the summer when it was HOT.  I usually wear skirts or dresses with leggings but with teaching little ones it is so hard because you are sitting in itty bitty chairs, on the floor, picking up things, etc.  I have been in search of a pant that does not fall off and isn't short.  Also something I can wear my Danskos with.  I saw an American Eagle add with the AE Kick Boot pant and thought maybe they would work!  AND holy cow they do!  They are the perfect fit and length!  My chicken legs love LOVE them.  The biggest problem I have it with pants stretching out and they fall off, but these fit the bill.  Since then, I have got two colors for Christmas and bought two other colors.  So I have four pants that fit PERFECTLY!

One recommendation I have is to try them on, even if you are getting two different colors because I wore a different size in the Grey than I did in the Khaki.  I totally try on EVERYTHING.  I like how if I buy them online and don't like them, I can just take them back to the store no problem.
This is the khaki!  They sale this color and style in store!

Here is me about the head out the door a few mornings ago!  Love these pants!
I would suggest going a size down you normally do, because they stretch out.  
Wash them in COLD and hang to dry.

2.) Over the weekend I experienced sinus pressure like no other.  My right nostril (sorry tmi) was stopped up and I felt like my brain was going to bust.  I got hit in the nose a few years ago on the right side and ever sense I struggle with keeping it clear.  

Back in the fall I went to the doctor because of coughing and what I thought was a sinus infection.  The doc would not give me medicine because it was virus and recommended the neti pot.  I told her I was not going to try that and ended up suffering EIGHT weeks!!!  

I swore I was NEVER going to try the neti pot, but this time I was desperate.  I went to CVS and spent $14.  After one time I could breathe again, and it eased some of the mucus out.  I watched many videos on youtube before I bought it and was pleased by the reviews.  You do have to do it a few days in a row in order for it to work successfully.  It's not a a miracle worker, but it it better than being on medication.  I noticed the mucus after a few days of use dry up.  
This is the one I bought.  The pot it kind of cheap, but the solution comes with it is pretty great!

3.) On Wednesday, we Celebrated the 100th day!  We missed two days of school already this year, because of snow, so it was Wednesday!  I always take a picture of my kids on the first day of school, the 50th and the 100th.  It's so cool to see their hair and teeth change.  I like seeing my hair change too!  I always love how long/short my hair is!
I bought this little frame from Michael's.  It was under $10.  I already had the paint and I used letters I bought at the dollar tree!  My students love it and I love watching them grow!

4.) On Sunday I posted about meal planning here!  This week has been such a breeze when it comes to cooking dinner!  I have been so excited to all the meals we have planned together, because I know exactly what I am going to make!  Here are a few creations from the week!
This was a lunch I made twice this week.  It is chicken salad topped with lettuce and tomato.  
The Chicken Salad calls for:
sour cream
shredded chicken
lime juice
It's so simple and satisfying.  
I serve it on a wrap or sandwich flat like the one above. You can also stuff it in an avocado.
I eye balled all these ingredients.  I like a certain consistency, so I made it the way I like it :)

This was our FAVORITE meal this week.  The recipe is from Mix and Match Mama.  It is BBQ chicken sliders.  What I LOVE about this is you put it in the crock pot and leave it all day.  Something MAGICAL happens in that crockpot because the chicken has the BEST flavor EVER!!
Check out her blog for the recipe.  It is FABULOUS!
To go with it my mom made bacon ranch pasta salad.  They made a great pair.

 Another great meal was our rice bowls.  The morning of we put chicken in the crock pot and let it cook all day.  We made rice ahead of time, so all we had to do was heat it up.  It was a basketball night so we heated up the rice, shredded the chicken, added lettuce, cheese, salsa and queso!  It was a great little treat!  I put the ingredients in a Old El Paso stand and stuff tortilla.  It made a great bowl! 

The final favorite of the week was the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells!  We usually have leftovers but we only had one little shell left!  Let me tell you!!!  These babies were fabulous!  You can find the recipe HERE.  I used Alfredo sauce from Aldi and it was great.  It was a different brand I had never used before, but I will definitely buy it again!

I love a little family friendly game of JENGA!
Jenga has been in my family since I was in Elementary school.  Every couple years we would go to Indiana and ALWAYS play this game with my cousins.  It brings back such sweet, sweet memories of sitting at grandmas rollie chairs playing Jenga!! 
On Tuesday Josh and I were watching T.V. and I saw my parents and Emma playing Jenga and I had to get a picture!

Well there you have it folks!  A very LOOONNNG Friday favorite, but so fun!

What is you favorite family game?!
What did you eat this week that is blog worthy?!
I would love to hear your feedback!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Kindergarten?!?!? You are a saint right? I cannot do kindergarten so I'll stick to my high school kidlets. Those pants are great! I love AE pants however I am a dress girl too so its winter only for the pants for me. We won't talk about my husband trying to use the neti was strange and lasted longer than it should have. HA! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Kindergarten is definitely a calling! I love it! I think high school would be fun too, I just wouldn't know what subject to teach! I love them all. Happy weekend! :)

  2. I also suffer from sinus infections (thanks dad) and the doctor tells me to rest and drink plenty of fluids. The pain is almost unbearable some days. Usually, I use a nasal spray but have been reluctant to try the netipot. If I decide to give it a try (sounds good from what you say) then I think I will also watch tons of youtube videos on how to do it!

    1. The neti pot helped dry up my sinuses. It definitely took several days, but with a little bit of medicine and constant use, it dried it up quickly! I would make sure you don't give up after a few times of use. It takes a few days, but it worth it! Good luck!

  3. Interesting to hear about the neti pot... I have always wondered if they work so thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. I learned that it does not miraculously clear up your sinuses, but it definitely a help! Use a saline solution it comes with and use it often! Definitely worth trying! Happy weekend!

  4. I teach kindergarten too !! (and first grade) Aren't they wonderful? I actually teach Spanish so I kinda float around but I love love love the kindergarteners. They are at the perfect spongy age. :) And all your food looks delicious!

    1. I love Kindergarten! I taught first grade for a few years, so it took me a while to get used to K, but I love it now! They say the sweetest things! I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  5. I love it that you teach kinder! That is such a fun age! Jenga is pretty much the best game ever and I love how your meals came out! They look so yummy. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. It is soooo tiring, yet so rewarding! They are so sweet and eager to learn! My meals were so great!! I have a ravioli bake in the oven as we speak! Cannot to share this week's meals this Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I need to work on meal planning. Those recipes look so good! Thanks for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week :)

  7. My sisters and I used to play pictionary as kids and also looooved uno stacko but lately, we've gotten into jenga! :) Have a great weekend!