Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites 9-11-15

Hi friends! Happy Friday!  
Today I am so excited to link up with Erika and share my classroom favorites this school year!  

Construction paper letter cut outs
One of the colleagues had the idea of cutting out letters to hang on the door frame as we learn them.  We learn a letter a day and then have a review day every week or two. My kiddos LOVED this idea and really did a great job not touching the letters when we went in and out of the door.  The letters are cut out from the XL die cut machine.  I then laminated them with my classroom laminator.  
I store them in a basket and hope to use them every year.  
This is such an easy and inexpensive way to reinforce learning the letters.

Swingline Thermal Laminator
This little guy has been a great help this school year.  For those of you in education, you know the importance of laminating things so you can use them a long time.  I have been using my dad's laminator the past year and I wanted to get one for my classroom, but realized they pricey and those that were affordable had horrible reviews.  Fortunately my assistant came across one on Amazon as the "Deal of the Day".  It has five stars and the best part is that it was only $14.99. So far it has succeeded my expectations!  I have laminated several things and everything has turned out in great condition.  I love not having to put my materials in the white paper sleeves.  I just put them in the laminating sleeve and it is finished in a minute or two!  Love this purchase!

Right now AMAZON has them in really cute colors (red, blue, pink) for only $29.99! 
 That is an awesome price!
I uses these laminating pouches and they work great!  I recommend the 5 mil, for projects that need a more sturdy finish, but I have used 3 mil because it is more inexpensive and it works great!

Brother PT-70 Personal Handheld Labeler

This was a great purchase to use in the classroom and at home.  When I became a teacher, I realized the importance of labeling draws and cabinets, so I knew where things were.  I used my assistant's labeler for several years and finally found one I liked HERE.  I was a little disappointed in the battery life, but I paid less than $9 so it was worth it.  They are now over $40, but I do recommend the Brother brand.  I think they have great products.  I bought the tape for it HERE.

I love that you can change the font and order tape in different colors.  I labeled my hair accessories, iPhone/iPad chargers and pen drawers.  Overall, GREAT product :)

Well friends,
that's all for the week!  Have a great weekend :)


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  1. That idea to hang up the letters if fantastic! I still remember my Kindergarden classroom vividly because of the letters that were hanging from the ceiling!