Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites 8/14/15

Hi friends!  I took a little break from blogging this summer!  Now I am back in the groove of things and wanted to share my summer FRIDAY FAVORITES!

For the fourth of July, I made this CUTE fruit tray! It was a colorful hit!

In July we vacationed in Charleston, SC.  It is one of my favorite places!  We biked the Arthur Ravenel bridge twice in our week stay.

Josh and his family always build really cool sand castles.  This year they were able to build on to theirs the day before.  The only sad thing was when we went back on Wednesday, little feet had trampled the ENTIRE thing.  We were hoping to add even more, but it's sad that parents don't keep a close eye on their kids!

The picture doesn't do it justice!!!

The first week in August I took my nieces to Splash Country.  It was super fun, despite the long lines and my bare feet ached for DAYS!

I have been getting ready for school the past few weeks and I have been happy to score these finds!

These were an impulse purchase, but WELL worth it.  I have horrible feet for my age (you can read  more about that HERE) I bought these beauties off of amazon in July for $35.  Since then, the price went up to $50, which is still a great deal.  They come in other cute colors too.  I would suggest ordering a size down from your normal size.  I using wear a 8/8.5 in shoes and these are a 7.

 So I scored this beauty at Goodwill for $3.  Our Goodwill stores sell target merchandise below the Target price.  I bought it to put on my gift table for our wedding and then plan on using it in my classroom when I change my name.  Funny thing is I saw it in Target for $9+ a few days ago.  I would have never bought it for that much, so I am happy to score this deal!

I have been on the lookout for scissors during back to school sales this year and they have been so expensive!  I mean technically, $1 a scissor is not expensive, but it is when you need 20+!  I grabbed this guy off of amazon for $22.84.  That's less than $1 a scissor and you get this cute carrying case.  My plan is it have students grab a cup for their table when we need scissors.  In the past I have always had scissors laying out for students and they are too easily accessible to cutting hair, clothes, body parts, etc.  This is an easy way for me to manage scissor use.

Finally I grabbed these guys from staples for $5.  They are fab.  Not only are they in BRIGHT colors, they are also GREAT quality.  The lead is very thick, but writes like a normal pencil.  I am a fun color pen writer, but I cannot wait to use these to pencil things in!

Well that is all for now!
Have a great weekend!

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