Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to make an Easter Egg Wreath!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  The true meaning of Easter is so wonderful and enlightening to know that we serve a God that sacrificed everything for us. Also, like any child does, I love Easter for the bunny, eggs, egg hunts, etc.  Today I am sharing one of the easily crafts I have made yet.

Let's face it I'm a perfectionist with ADD.  I mean really.  I have to work REALLY hard to not get frustrated if something doesn't come out right.  This was a project that look little time, wasn't a headache, and turned out great!

My mom got all of the items used from the Dollar Tree, except the ribbon for the hanger and a glue gun we already had.
We used:
One round green styrofoam wreath (We used a smaller one)
3 spools of ribbon
3 packages of the very small eggs
1 Glue Gun
1 thicker ribbon for the wreath hanger

Here is a little tutorial:
Start wrapping your ribbon around your wreath.  I put a little glue to attach the ribbon and then I put a little glue on the ribbon and wrapped it once, put a little glue on the ribbon and wrapped it once and so on.  Make sure the green wreath isn't showing and each time you wrap it is even.


 Next, I attached the ribbon for the hanger.  The ribbon was from AC Moore.  I already had the ribbon and it matched the ribbon I bought.  Make sure the ribbon you buy is thicker than the ribbon you wrapped it with.  You want it to be extra sturdy. 
I put a little glue on the bottom of the wreath and attached both sides of the ribbon.  This allows the ribbon not to slip around.  You could have tied a ribbon at the top, but I like my bow at the bottom. 

 Next you start adding the Easter eggs.  There is no rhyme or reason to this.  I tried to make a pattern. I started out by putting two eggs together at a time, their bottoms facing each other and the tops of the eggs are facing out if it is on the outside, or towards to center if it is in the inside.  I honestly just tried to make it look good, I probably could have made them all go the same way, but I liked the way I did it.
After I was finished with two layers, I glue the side of the wreath with eggs, just no the back.  If you glue eggs on the back, it will be lopsided when you put it on our door.

After I finished putting my eggs on, I tied a ribbon to the bottom of the wreath hanger.  This added a little bit of a girly touch and made it more like a wreath!

That's it!  How easy was that?!  I would love to see your wreath if you attempt this!



  1. This is lovely! Saying hello from Marvelous Monday at Smart Party Planning!

  2. What a fun idea. Wreaths are popular for Christmas, so why not Easter too :-)

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  3. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of it's meaning. Great post. <3

    Love always,

  4. What a fun way to use Easter eggs!