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Workin' it Wednesday! -1-11-17

Happy Wednesday Friends!
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Every 2nd Wednesday of each month I will be sharing how I am work life on a daily basis!  I think it will be fun to back on this post for years to come!

Today I am excited to share my New Years Goals! 
I am not a big New Years Goal setter (if that is even a word :)), but this year I tried to be very intentional with my New Years Goals.  I wanted to set goals that have meaning and something I can work on that doesn't necessarily have an end goal.

Here are my New Years Goals:
1.) Be more intentional with relationships
2.) Be more conscience with my time
3.) Keep up with my daily house chores
4.) Go to bed LATER
5.) Be more active

So here it goes friends!

#1: My first goal is to try to be more intentional with relationships with other people  
These days, it is so easy just to live my life day by day and not value relationships with people.  I partially blame social media because it is so easy to just keep up with people through pictures and posts.  So this year I have been trying to make it a point to have read conversations, text friends, send cards, or offer to make meals for people to build relationships. This is just something I plan on working on throughout the year!

#2: Be more conscience with my time 
So I have always been a planner and try to plan out my time, but I really enjoy just taking my time and not be in any rush.  This can be bad when I have X amount of time and I have several things I have to do in that amount time.  I never know how long things will take me... they just get finished when they get finished.  My goal is to be more mindful of how long things take me to do.  This morning I timed myself and was able to do a quick workout, take a shower, get ready, take out the trash and be out the door in an hour.  This wasn't my favorite, because I felt rushed, but I was super proud of myself for getting everything accomplished.

#3: Keep up with my daily house chores
 Every month I make a chore list calendar that looks like this:
People think I am crazy for making a list of things to clean, but I was finding myself doing everything on my days off and I didn't have time for anything else.  Everyday I have a chore I do to keep up with everything.  Some things such as swift, dust/windex I will do in the mornings before work if I have time.  Most other things I do in the afternoon after work either before I cook dinner or after.  Some days I double up if I have a lot going on and I don't beat myself up if I can't get to things on time.  My goal is to stick to this list and try to accomplish them quickly!

#4: Go to bed later
I took this picture yesterday at 7:35 and I was ready for bed!  I had to make myself stay up!
Yes, your read that right... LATER.  After being off of work for two weeks, and being to sleep whenever I wanted, I have been getting into this CRAZY routine of going to bed super early.  Like 7:30 early.  I am usually a get 9:30 bed goer, but lately I haven't been able to make it past 8 before I get my pajamas on and hop in bed.  The problem with this is I wake up multiple times during the night and then wake up for good around 5/5:30.  My husband is fine with me waking up super early, because he does too, but I bother him when I toss and turn through the night.  My goal is to get ready for bed at 9 and be in bed by 9:15/9:30.  Hopefully this will help get me to sleep throughout the night!
#5: Be more active
So this is totally cliché, but my fifth and final goal is to be more active this year.  The most popular New Year's resolution is to lose weight.  I don't want to lose weight, but I do want to get in better shape.  I feel like in years past overall I have been more active, but last year it was harder to take the time to do so.  This year I have made a point to wake up early and work out or head to the gym after work!  So far I have done this at least three times a week!  I hope to keep it up :)
^ This is my motivation to be more active.  This guy works out EVERY SINGLE DAY around 5am/  The only time he doesn't is on Christmas, Easter and if he is sick (like in bed and can't move sick) I have no excuses to not work out, because he does it everyday!

Well that's all for now friends.  I am so glad I could share my resolutions with you!  
Feel free to share your resolutions with me!  I would love to hear them.

Until next time,

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