Friday, January 30, 2015

It's FRIDAY! 1/30/15

Oh Friday, how I have waited for you. 
Whew.  What a busy week! 

This week I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea!  
I am sooo excited about this week's Friday Favorites!  I know you will be too!

1.) For those of you who do not know, I have the BEST job in the whole wide world. 
 It gets crazy sometimes, but I love being a KINDERGARTEN teacher.  The world of teaching is something I LOVE.  It is just so wonderful, filled with many challenges, but something I love. 
One of my favorite things about teaching is Literature.  I love reading, especially teaching it.  There is just something magical about a book.  

Since I changed grades, the curriculum changed.  I love what we teach in Kindergarten.  I have enjoyed all the units so far.  One thing we do is compare and contrast Fairy Tales.  I did not have the original versions of many fairy tales so I ended up borrowing them from other teachers.  

One of my favorite stores is AC MOORE and when I was shopping for Christmas crafts, I came across these fabulous books.  They were on sale for under $4 each.  Usually a book under $5 is not worth it because it is either cheaply made or the content is for the birds.  
I read through all of these and they are simply wonderful, timeless pieces I plan to read over and over again.  If I had children I would totally buy a copy for them AND for my classroom.  I 100% recommend these books!  Your students, children or grandchildren will love them!
 There are views from the inside.  The pages are simply amazing!  Also, the cover is a hard squishy material that is so soft, yet durable.
If I were you I would hop in your car right now and go grab these great books!

2.) The past few weeks I have not been sleeping very well.  I am a sleeper, and usually sleep 8-10 hours.  I have ALWAYS been a sleeper, a good sleeper.  
When I do not get my sleep, I am not a happy camper.  
My mom uses DoTerra essential oils and I have been putting them into my diffuser for a few days and I have slept for 8 hours non-stop.  Once I lay down, it only takes about 5-10 minutes for me to fall asleep.  I put a mixture of serenity and lavender in my diffusor.  If I REALLY need to sleep, I put it on the bottom of my feet and have an excellent night's sleep!  I totally recommend it!

Here is my diffuser.  You open the lid, lift a little compartment and fill water to the line.  Then you put your essential oil of choice!  I have put orange and lemon before to make my room smell good, but lavender is just the best!  I love mine because it has a button for a light that is different colors!  At night I keep the light off, but when I wake up I love having a little light.  You can also set the timer.  It had 1,2, and 3 hour and has a constant option.  I always put the timer on for three hours and it turns off when I am sleeping.
You can find the exact diffuser HERE for half price.  You can also get one at Earthfare. 
You should try it!  It is totally worth it!

3.)  I totally saved the best for last.  Josh moved into the same city as me a few months ago and we have been soaking up every opportunity to spend time together!  We go to the gym during the week, every once and a while eat out together, watch T.V. together on a work night, etc.  People don't realize how lucky they are to see someone everyday.  There would be times I would not see Josh for 3 or more weeks.  It about killed me, but we made it through.  

One day this week we went out for breakfast at McDonald's (don't judge I'm a sucker for their biscuits and gravy,  and it's the only close place that's open at 6:40 in the morning) before work!  Josh was headed out of town to work and I was headed to work.  We only saw each other for about 20 minutes, but it was what got me through the day! 

What are your Friday Favorites?  Do you have a new favorite book or have you grabbed a must have from the store this week?  I'd love to hear them!

Happy weekend!  



  1. How fun that you had a breakfast date at McDonald's! Enjoy this time!!! Stopping over from Friday Favorites!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elaine! We're pretty simple around here :) a little McDonald's never hurt anyone! Happy Friday!