Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites! 1/23/15

WOO HOO!  It's Friday!

Here are my five FRIDAY favorites from this week!

1.)  Ray-ban sunglasses
I am usually not a big spender on things that I am rough on like, sunglasses or purses.  But these are like the Mercedes of Sunglasses.  They are perfect. I have had this exact same pair for over two years and they are still great!  I wear contacts and my eyes are very sensitive to light.  When I wear these, my eyes just feel so much better, no joke.  
I don't wear them to school or at the beach because I am afraid I will lose them. 
 I wear my cheap American Eagle sunglasses when I go somewhere I don't want to risk losing them.
Another reason why I love them is because although they look really dark, they really aren't when you are looking through them.  I sometimes wear them in a store on accident because I forget I have them on :)
You can buy them at most eye doctors, sunglass stores and online.  Josh bought mine off of amazon for under $100, which is a steal.  I would suggest getting a neutral color, but fun colors are fabulous too!  You won't be disappointed, you'll love them!

Josh loves a ray-ban too!

2.) NIKE Pro Classic Dri-Fit Sports Bra

Everyone knows I love a Nike anything.  Let's just say this is my favorite sports bra, well ever.  I have it in SOOOO many colors and I have gotten it at all different places.  My first one I purchased five years ago at Ross.  It was a random purchase because I wasn't looking for one but I saw it in yellow on a rack all by itself! It was less than $15!!  Score!  I then found one at REI on clearance in blue for $18. I bought one like THIS in black from Nordstorm, not on sale, but totally worth it.  Basically it is EVERYWHERE, and in all different colors, which I love.  You can sometimes find it at the NIKE outlet on sale if you are lucky.  I love this fit and brand because they last FOREVER.  I still wear my very first one.  

3.) The Wet Brush


I've never loved a brush as much as this one!  My mom got one of these for Emma last year and I fell in love.  THEN one of my awesome kiddos got me a travel one for Christmas!  It glides through your hair without pulling and tugging on my hair.  It feels so great and wonderful for kids.  My hair isn't super thick... but gets tangles from time to time and this brush makes my hair feel great! 
 Try it and you'll love it!

They come in different sizes too :)

4.) Zebra pen grip flight

Just like a love a good NIKE, I love a good pen too.  I bought this pen a year ago because I needed to spend a dollar more to receive a discount.  I just thought it would be a pen that I would use or lose, but it became my FAVORITE pen!  It works so well and it's purple!  They have it in all colors, but what girl doesn't love a purple pen.  It's perfect!

5.) The movie Safe Haven

I'm a chick flick kind of girl.  I don't like movies that make you think, or scared.  I like movies that make you feel happy.  I read the book like three years ago, but never saw the movie.  Last Saturday, 
Josh told me to scroll through netflix to see what I wanted to watch.  I totally wanted a girlie movie so looked though all titles.  I came across this movie and quickly clicked play and started watching.  I was well, hooked.  I knew Josh would groan when I told him it was a girly movie.  It was 10 minutes in and he came to watch.  Well, then he was hooked!  I didn't know it was a action packed, mystery love story!
It was fabulous.  If you haven't seen it, curl up with some popcorn, blanket and watch!

This week I am linking up for FRIDAY FAVORITES with Erika AndreaNarci and September FARM

What is your favorite thing this week??

That is all for now!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I am going to have to check out those Nike sports bras....I am in desperate need of a new one! I have not yet seen Safe Haven, might have to check it out! Would love to have you stop by for a visit!

    1. Thanks Cara! I will check out your blog :). If you have a Dick's Sporting Goods near you, they sometimes have them on clearance. They are slim pickings on the website, but worth searching for! Happy Friday! -C-

  2. I love Ray Bans :)! I've been wearing them since the 80's. They really are worth the money. Safe Haven is a great movie too. Chick flicks are wonderful for light hearted easy watching.