Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites 4/10/15

Whew what a great week!  I've been non stop all week and it flew by!
I am linking up with Erika share my Friday Favorites!

On Wednesday I shared my first What I wore Wednesday!  Be sure to check out my Easter dress :)

On Tuesday night a black and white picture of tiny little peanut sized blur came across my screen.  I nearly flipped out!  My bff sent me a text of her ultrasound and she is expecting her first baby! 
 I was sooooo excited!

Such sweet friends of ours and we are SOOOOO excited for them!

Here is how she told the Facebook world :)  
My nephew Coleman is getting a human!
Can't wait to meet he/she!

 We are studying farm and we made butter this week at school.  I filled four rubbermaid container (the size of a baby food jar) half way and sprinkled some salt in.  I then handed them to my students and had them shake until they were tired and then they passed them to a friend.  After 15 minutes of non-stop shaking we got BUTTER!  We put it in the fridge and then tasted it on bread!  The kiddos loved it!  Next week we are having a farm breakfast!  We can't wait!

This is a picture of the butter after we shook it a while :)

One of my goals this month is to be intentional with my relationships.  I feel like most of the time I get sucked into the hustle and bustle of working and forget to stop and be grateful for the small things.  This week I tried hard to spend extra time with my niece.  I picked her up early one day from school as a surprise and we went to sonic for a corn dog and slushy.  We then headed downtown to the library, shoe and toy store.  We had a great time together.  I think it is so important to be intentional about what you do, especially around kids.

After she picked out her books she wanted to get in the castle puppet theater :)

It was such a great day to walk around downtown.  This is us walking to the shoe store!

Happy National Siblings day!
This is a picture of my sisters and I after my first nephew was born!  So thankful for them!

 That is it!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  
I can't wait to spend my weekend with my family :)



  1. Must be SO exciting to hear that one of your people is expecting a little person!
    How she told with the pup is ADORBALE!!

  2. Oh Christina!! It was the best news ever! :)