Sunday, January 18, 2015

My five FAVORITE things!

Here's to 2015!  15 is my all time favorite number, therefore I know great things will happen in 2015!
Here are five of my most favorite things!  These are in no particular order, I just love them all! :)

1.) One of my all time favorite bags is my Small Vera Bradley Duffle.  (And right now it is on sale for $41.40 in my favorite pattern!) I absolutely love Love this bag.  I use it to carry my gym clothes in when I change at work.  It's great for a quick change of clothes or a small over night trip.  I love that it is not super bulky and there are not many compartments.  I have another gym bag that is specifically designed to carry to the gym and let me just tell you I lose half the stuff I put in there because there are so many compartments.  I like having a bag that has ONE big compartment and maybe one side pocket.  I carry all of my little things in a makeup bag, so I don't need little compartments that I forget I put something in!
2.) Clinique has always been my go to brand for make-up, moisturizer, toner, etc.  I've tried different brands from Ulta and Target, but I always end up at the Clinique counter.  I mean from a girl who doesn't always know what she wants, when you find what you like, you stick with it!  I always buy my products when Dillards, Belk or Macy's is having their Clinique BONUS time.  I always feel like I get the more bang for my buck when I score a BONUS bag of my favorite items!  You can find my favs ----> HERE.  I use the yellow lotion and the purple toner on a regular basis.  I have tried over the counter moisturisers, and other expensive brands, but this always is my favorite.  I use the mild soap when I get a sample but otherwise I use Neutrogena face wash because it works well on my skin and doesn't cost as much.

3.)  In college if you told me I would every own a pair of UGG boots I would probably wouldn't believe you.  I have never been a fan of UGG boots.  I thought they looked like a cast and I was not paying $200 for a cast.  Well, then UGG figured out that they should probably make different "cute" boot styles to gain more customers.  So one of my favorite UGGs (I have more than one :-o)  is a knitted version.  For one they are cheaper than the regular UGGs and more stylish!  I have the Leland grey knitted UGGs and oh how I LOVE them!  I bought them for less than $65 bucks on  The only reason I bought them is because I really wanted to try a pair and wasn't going to pay more than a $100 dollars.  They were worth every penny.  I don't think I would pay more the $120 for a pair because like all shoes they do wear out, but they have been well worth the money!  I love that yu can button them up or down.  I opted for grey, because I wear a lot of grey pants to work and these are my go to comfy look for winter!
Unfortunately they do not sell them anymore, but I did find them on ----> ebay.  I don't recommend buying them on ebay because there are so many fakes out there, but here are some SIMILAR.  

4.) Every girl loves workout gear.  Especially this girl.  I might actually admit I like it more than shoes.  Just maybe.  I am not a brand snob... but NIKE is one of my favorite athletic gear go to.  I love me a NIKE, well anything.   My favorite is their Legend V-Neck t-shirt.  There is something about this shirt that I just LOVE.  I love that you can wear a fun color with a neutral color pair of shorts.  I always try to match my top to the color of shoe I am wearing.  Right now I rotate from my neon yellow Nike, blue and neon Brooks and black and pink Nike.  I just love a workout outfit that matches.

5.) And finally number FIVE: I love me a Bath and Body Works scent!  I used to not be a lotion person, because I would buy it, hoping to be a lotion person, but then it would just sit there and I would hardly ever use it.  I always buy their car scents (cotton and peach are my fav), hand soaps and body washes, but never used their lotion on a daily basis.  Within the last year I have really tried to use more lotion all year round.  My all time favorite scent is Beautiful Day. I also like country chic (just bought the perfume because it was half off).  Pumpkin anything is my favorite fall scent and vanilla is my favorite winter scent.  Spring and summer I always use country chic, carried away (so sad they discontinued it in store) or beautiful day.  I put a bottle in my bathroom, purse, school bag and car, so I always have one on hand.  AND right now they have their SEMI annual sale!  I stocked up earlier this month on body wash and lotion!  

Well friends,
that's all for now!  I am excited to enjoy my day off tomorrow!

Until next time,


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