Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little insight on bargain shopping

I never realized how much I loved fashion until I started my first real job as a teacher.  Being a teacher, you have to be comfortable, and in my opinion I like to be comfortable and cute.  When I first started teaching I didn't own very many dress clothes.  In college I wore jeans and tennis shoes everyday.  I had a few dresses and skirts but didn't own any comfortable shoes except for one pair of dansko clogs.  When I started doing internships, I realized I needed to buy a new wardrobe.  Let's face it I am cheap.  It took me several years and bargin shopping to get the closet I have now.  Everyone knows I have a love for shoes.  Not just any kind of shoe, comfortable shoes.  I love danskos, Jambu, miz mooz, and bass just to name a few.
Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years to build a happy closet without going broke.
  • I am a big fan of buying shoes out of season.  
Yes I know, it is hard to wait to wear a pair of wedges when you buy in them December, but I usually find them half price online.  I have been known to buy snowboots in April when the birds are chirping, but when you can get them for 30 bucks instead of 130, and they are worth it.  I buy a lot of sweaters and long sleeves after Christmas because stores are marking them down to bring in spring arrivals.
  • Shop Amazon frequently.
I wouldn't say I buy ALL my shoes on amazon, but I would say 95% of my comfy shoes (danskos, jambu, miz mooz, merrell, etc) have come from amazon.  Amazon has shoes from different sellers and the prices range everyday.  I have bought jambus off of amazon for $28 instead of $130.  I am usually hesitant of buying shoes and clothes online, but the best thing is they do free returns if you purchase from them not another seller.
I recently purchased a pair of Jambu shoes.
They were originally $130, but I bought them for $28!!!!
  • Coupons, Coupons Coupons
Lets face it, looking for coupons take time.  It's much easier just to go to a store then spending the time to find a coupon.  Anytime I go into New York and Company or Old Navy, I always try to print off a coupon before I go. Sometimes this doesn't happen, but most of the time I try to plan ahead.  Also, I buy all of my makeup and skin care products from Clinique.  I always wait to buy my products when they have their free gift.  This allows me to get many travel size trials for FREE.  
  • Shop Sierra Trading Post
I have gotten jackets, Ariat boots for $70, snow pants for $25, danskos, Merrells, jambu, just to name a few from Sierra trading post.  If you become a fan on face book they will have random 40% off days.  I only shop there when I have coupons because they charge shipping, but they have great items and customer service.
  • Shop online boutiques.  The dress below I recently purchased at an online boutique.  It was $39 dollars shipped and they allowed returns if it didn't fit.  I like online boutiques because they offer the latest fashions for decent prices if you shop around!
I hope this gives you a little insight and some fashion advice!  I tried to post pictures, but it would not let me!  Maybe next time!

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